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Delta Tango Malaysian Rule

  1. Delta Tango International Dx Group shall be known as "Delta Tango 98 International Dx Group." (Hereafter called Delta Tango 98, or Delta Tango. )

  2. The cost to join is: Joining Fee: RM5.00. Membership costs RM15.00. (Total payment RM20.00 includes postage).

  3. Thereafter: Yearly Membership Renewal: RM15.00.

  4. Membership is open to all persons, who shall be bound by the Rules and Regulations of the Australian Group.

  5. A new member, has to fill in an Invitation, and be sponsored by a Financial Member.

  6. The Committee has the right to accept or refuse any application, without giving a reason.

  7. Member/s must not abuse the airwaves. Foul language and/or Abusive behaviour WILL NOT BE TOLORATED, regardless of what Frequency USB/LSB/FM Any member found doing so WILL BE EXPELLED.

  8. The Malaysian Committee will be run by 7+ members, and regular meetings will be called.

  9. Any member/s complaining about another member/s behaviour, has to do so in writing. Phone calls will not be accepted. Any complaints WILL BE STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

  10. Any member/s given a position within the group, MUST do their best to uphold that position.

Delta Tango 98 Headquarters in England and Delta Tango Australian accepted the above Rules.